squash bisque

squash bisque

Varieties grown: Bagheera, Black Forest, Burgess Buttercup, Burpee’s Butterbush, Green Hokkaido, Honeyboat, Honeynut, Nutterbutter, Sweet Mama, Zeppelin

We grow butternut, buttercup, delicata, and kabocha squash types that work well in our climate. We have selected our winter squash offerings for their ability to ripen in time and store well for our climate, as well as for their unsurpassed flavor. Buttercup, butternut, and kabocha are interchangeable in most recipes, though butternut is less dry than the other two varieties. Delicata are small squash that are best cooked with their skins on.

How to use them:

  • Chopped and roasted in the oven

  • Roasted whole, then scooped out of the skin and mashed with butter and maple syrup

  • As a replacement for the pumpkin in pumpkin pie—seriously, butternut squash makes a better pie!

  • In squash muffins, breads, and our favorite: squash pancakes

  • In soups; especially apple-squash bisque, a favorite winter recipe of ours