Varieties grown: D’Avignon, Sora, Watermelon, White Icicle

Radishes are an underrated vegetable for sure. We grow a mild-tasting white variety, as well as the traditional round red and French Breakfast types. We also grow a storage radish for fresh eating all winter long. If radishes tend to be too spicy for you, their flavor is tempered by any type of cooking. Radish greens are delicious as well—they’re tender and peppery, so don’t throw them in the compost!

How to use them:

  • Sliced raw on top of tossed salads

  • Cooked in soups and stew, like you would with other root vegetables

  • Chopped and roasted with other vegetables

  • Sliced thinly, served over buttered toast with salt (a traditional variation of this is to forgo the bread completely, and spread butter on slices of radish)

  • Fermented or pickled, alone or with other vegetables; daikon radish is a traditional ingredient in kimchi

  • Slice the roots thickly, then braise in butter, white wine, and stock; add the greens and some garlic towards the end and you have a wonderful side dish