Unripe, green peppers sizing up nicely

Unripe, green peppers sizing up nicely

Varieties grown: Carmen (sweet Italian), Escamillo (sweet Italian), Flavorburst (yellow bell), Gourmet (orange bell), Hinkelhatz (high heat), Hungarian Hot Wax (medium-high heat), Jimmy Nardello (sweet Italian), Ace (red bell)

Peppers, peppers, peppers! We grow many different colors, shapes, and sizes of peppers. They have a hard time ripening in our climate, so it’s a long wait until that first crunchy, juicy, sweet ripe pepper. And speaking of ripe peppers—did you know that all peppers start out green, then ripen to red, yellow, orange, purple, or brown? That’s right—green peppers are unripe peppers, and we don’t sell them; the flavor of fully colored peppers is far and away better than that of bitter green ones. Some of our sweet pepper varieties look like hot peppers, so make sure to read the signs and ask questions. The above varieties are types of bell peppers, hot peppers of different heat levels, and sweet Italian frying peppers (our personal favorites!).

How to use them:

  • Stir fried with other vegetables, and served over rice

  • Sauted with onions and greens, and served over pasta

  • Stuffed and roasted in the oven

  • Raw, alone or with a dip

  • Fire-roasted, then served on pizza or in pasta dishes

  • In soups, stews, and casseroles of all kinds

  • Chopped and frozen on a sheet tray, then into freezer bags for later use

  • In relishes and pickles

  • Hot peppers are good in salsa, tacos, and chilis; they are also great for making your own fermented or vinegar-based hot sauce