Varieties grown: Lincoln, Oregon Sugar Pod II, Sugar Ann

There’s nothing like the flavor of a fresh-picked pea to herald in spring. We grow three types of peas: snap, snow, and shelling. The outer pod of both sugarsnap and snow peas can be eaten, but shelling peas must be taken out of theirs. Although it’s more work, there is nothing like eating a freshly shelled pea—we’ll turn on a movie and find the shelling process goes quickly!

How to use snow and snap peas:

  • In stirfries and pasta dishes, they just need a couple minutes of cooking time

  • Chopped coarsely into tossed salad

  • Snacked on raw; they’re amazing alone or with your favorite dip

How to use shelling peas (after shelling):

  • In hot or cold pasta dishes

  • In potato and macaroni salads

  • Steamed briefly, then served warm with butter

  • Flash-frozen on a sheet tray, then placed in freezer bags for use throughout the year

  • Eaten raw, fresh out of the shell, for a wonderful sweet treat