heads of romaine lettuce growing in a greenhouse

heads of romaine lettuce growing in a greenhouse

Varieties grown: Black Seeded Simpson, Dark Lollo Rossa, Deer Tongue, Forellenschluss, Jericho, Magenta, Mirlo, New Red Fire, Parris Island Cos, Rouge d’Hiver, Red Cross, Vulcan

We love lettuce and grow a wide variety of it, with the hope that you will constantly be surprised and delighted with the different tastes and textures of this plant. There is much variation within this vegetable; we grow romaine, butterhead, looseleaf, and summer crisp types, and they come green, red, and speckled coloration.

How to use it:

  • In tossed salads, with all types of other seasonal vegetable fixings

  • On sandwiches for an added crunchy texture and sweet taste

  • Lightly sauted or grilled; it may seem strange to cook lettuce, but I urge everyone to enjoy a Caesar salad with grilled, farm-fresh romaine!