Lacinato kale

Lacinato kale

Varieties grown: Darkibor, Nero di Toscana Lacinato, Red Russian, White Russian

This dark, leafy green has come into vogue over the past couple of decades, and for a good reason: it’s incredibly good for you, and when prepared properly, it can be very delicious. It is so versatile—a real workhorse in the kitchen. We have found that certain types of kale are tough and not very palatable, so we focus on growing varieties that we think are the most tender and tasty. Lacinato (aka dinosaur kale) is a great variety for raw salads, and the Siberian types (like Red and White Russian) have an incredible, sweet flavor—unlike any kale we’ve tried before.

How to use it:

  • Sauted with garlic, red onions, olive oil, and a touch of red wine vinegar; serve it as a side dish, also great over pasta

  • Cooked into soups, like Tuscan white bean and kale soup

  • Juiced with other vegetables and fruits

  • In egg dishes, especially in a quick scramble

  • Made into salty kale chips with your favorite seasoning

  • In kale salad, or a tossed salad with other greens

  • Blended into green smoothies