Varieties grown: German Hardy White

Garlic: the start of everything delicious! We like to chop garlic, then wait fifteen minutes before adding it to heat; this helps form and preserve the anti-carcinogenic properties of garlic. We also like to add garlic to dishes towards the end of their cooking time, to retain more of its flavor, and because it burns easily.

How to use it:

  • Chopped into soups, stews, stirfries, sauces, rice, casseroles, salad dressings, pastas, and beans

  • As a rub on fish, pork, and chicken

  • Roast the cloves whole with a root vegetable medley; or roast the whole bulb then mash the cloves and spread onto toast

  • Lactofermented or pickled with other vegetables; it’s an integral ingredient in dilly beans, kimchi, and dill pickles