asian eggplant

asian eggplant

Varieties grown: Astrakom, Diamond, Rosita

Eggplant is a nightshade in the same family as tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes. This vegetable comes in all shapes and sizes, and colors ranging through white, green, fuchsia, deep purple, and striped! A traditional vegetable in both Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, eggplant has an extremely mild natural flavor of its own, so it readily absorbs the taste of spices and sauces. Its creamy texture makes it a great base to many different dishes. It does need some extra preparation before use; we often soak it in salt water for a couple hours or overnight if we’re using it sliced or chopped. Though some people choose to peel it off, eggplant skin is edible, delicious, and packed with nutrients, so we rarely remove it.

How to use it:

  • Roasted whole, it can be scooped out of its skin and used in spreads, dips, and baked goods; we often make baba ghanoush this way in the summer as a great alternative to hummus

  • Chopped and roasted in the oven, like you would with a root vegetable medley…no need to peel!

  • Chopped into soups and stews such as the famous French dish, ratatouille

  • Cut up into baked egg dishes

  • Sliced thinly into stirfries with other vegetables

  • Sliced and breaded, then fried or baked for your favorite twist on eggplant parmesan