sometimes we get really tiny heads!

sometimes we get really tiny heads!

Varieties grown: Flame Star, Goodman, Snowbowl, Vitaverde

Cauliflower is truly one of our favorite vegetables. We love it for its sweetness and density, and long storage life. We grow different colors of cauliflower, and you’ll find the flavors of each are unique.

How to use it:

  • Chopped and roasted on its own, or with other vegetables

  • Steamed and served warm with butter, salt, and pepper

  • Cooked and mashed, in the style of mashed potatoes

  • Minced or riced, then cooked with other vegetables in the style of fried rice

  • Pickled or lactofermented, especially in Italian giardiniera

  • Sliced, seasoned, and pan-fried as cauliflower “steak”