Varieties grown: Bilko, Blues, Golden Acre, Mammoth Red Rock, Passat, Ruby Perfection

Cabbage is a highly underrated vegetable. We consider it to be simply delicious, and some varieties can store for months. It is also incredibly versatile; cabbage has been a staple crop in many cultures. We grow red and green cabbages, and early season varieties as well as storage cabbages. We also grow Napa (or Chinese) cabbage.

How to use it:

  • Find your favorite cole slaw recipe—we favor fresh-tasting ones with herbs, vinegar and oil versus the old mayonnaise-and-sugar-dressed versions

  • Sauted with onions, garlic, and butter and served over noodles

  • Turned into sauerkraut

  • Shredded raw into salads

  • Stuffed with rice, chicken, beef, and/or other vegetables

  • Napa cabbage is wonderful in stirfries and soups, as well as turned into kimchi with carrots, ginger, salt, chilis, radishes, and garlic