Varieties grown: Arcadia, Blue Wind, De Cicco, Green Super, Limba, Piracicaba, Tendergreen, Umpqua

Dark green and packed with nutrients, your mom has probably been trying to get you to eat broccoli for ages! We want to get behind that, and we hope that you’ll find it easier than ever with our delicious broccoli that’s picked at the peak of freshness. And remember: as far as nutrient and flavor retention go, lightly steaming or sauteing are always better cooking methods than boiling. We grow both large-headed varieties, as well as small bunching-size “broccolini”.

How to use it:

  • Steamed and served hot with salt, pepper, and butter

  • Raw as a snack

  • Steamed or raw in broccoli salad with nuts, onions, and a creamy dressing

  • Cooked with carrots and scallions and added to sesame-peanut noodles

  • Added to egg dishes likes frittatas and quiches

  • Stir fried with soy sauce and other veggies, then served over rice or noodles