Varieties grown: Jade, Pauldor, Tavera, Velour

We grow mostly filet beans, which are slender French strings beans also known as haricot vert (although we grow three different colors, not just green!). Filet beans are small and tender; they can be used like any other string beans but they cook much faster.

How to use them:

  • Steamed, served hot with butter or cold in a three-bean salad

  • Steamed, then combined with olives, potatoes, shallots, dressing, herbs, radishes, tuna, and lettuce for a classic Nicoise salad

  • Lactofermented or quick-pickled with dill, garlic and spices to make dilly beans

  • Raw, as a snack with other vegetables like carrots and cucumbers; dunk into your favorite dip such as ranch or hummus