freshly brined salad turnips and their greens

freshly brined salad turnips and their greens

Varieties grown: Hakurei, Gold Ball, Purple Top White Globe

We grow white salad turnips, as well as storage turnips. Salad turnips, sometimes know as Tokyo market turnips, are similar to radishes but with a much milder, sweeter flavor and greens that are not as spicy. They do not need to be peeled and taste amazing raw. Storage turnips have the option of peeling, and the roots and greens both taste better cooked.

How to use them:

  • Chopped and roasted, alone or with other vegetables

  • In soups and stews, just as you would with other roots

  • Steamed and mashed, in the style of mashed potatoes

  • Fermented or pickled; brined salad turnips and their greens are an absolute favorite of ours

  • Salad turnips can be sliced thinly and—you guessed it—added to salads; their greens are a welcome addition as well

  • Both storage and salad turnips are excellent braised with butter, stock, white wine, and their own greens