Cantaloupe and prosciutto

Cantaloupe and prosciutto

Varieties grown: Baby Doll, Blacktail Mountain, Divergent, First Kiss, Haogen, Moon and Stars, Sugar Baby, Sweet Dakota Rose, Sweet Granite, Verona

We grow a wide variety of melons, in an attempt to make sure we get a crop. Central Vermont is a decidedly difficult place to grow good melons, a plant that loves heat and a long growing season. We grow galia- and charentais-type melons, as well as cantaloupes, and watermelons with different colored flesh. These are nothing like your supermarket melons—they’re bursting with flavor and juiciness!

How to use them:

  • In fruit salad

  • Sliced and eaten as a snack

  • Balled, then wrapped with prosciutto for a traditional appetizer

  • With yogurt as a breakfast, snack, or dessert